24 September 2016

Good is so bad!

I say, good is bad!
That beautiful flower unfurling colours to your world,
Look the snatching hands, feel how it screams!
Touch the life, touch that water,
See the battle for life's unbiased elixir!
Hold the earth holding you upright,
Can you hold your hands rotting it to the core?
Feel the soul caressing you with love,
Scan your ego rejecting all that warmth!
If only the flower had the prick, will you handle it with care.
If only the water was salty, will you leave it on its own.
If only the earth was space, will you long for it.
If only the loving soul goes away, will you come closer to it.
I said, good was bad!

20 January 2016

Crisis brings in the best in you! Radio taught me this!

Some habits that were with you in your early years seem to be the best for you, they give you a good feeling about yourself! One of such habits that I had in my teenage was to listen to the radio. Whenever I was at home, I used to turn on the radio. It was always a musical moment either I was getting ready for school or relaxing after school. And it was the sweetest thing to fall asleep while listening to the melodious songs at night!

But why am I writing all these when the post should be about crisis in life and how it helps you become the best?

07 January 2016

A Woman! A Forgotten Dream!

Neeta was sitting alone and sipping her cup of tea beside the window, early in the morning, when this thought crossed her mind.

"What if I had been such a free person in my 30s?" "what would have I done with this much of time?"

She wondered, how her life has changed in just a decade! Just a few years ago, she did not have enough time to breathe in this hour of the day.

She could see 'the younger her' in front of her eyes! She was working with 'four' hands in the kitchen, packing the lunch box for Rajiv with all the healthy foods, the salads, the steamed veggies and the healthy snacks! After all, he was told to lower his cholesterol and sugar. And the next moment, her hands were flipping the sandwich filled with the favorite cheesy veggies. This would go into her dear son Chintu's lunch box. He loved it! And just then the toaster popped  up the bread slices, she had to butter it for Chintu's breakfast. The tea and the milk over the flame were also there in her mind! The mixed smell of tea, milk, butter and cheese, all filled into her nostrils and she woke up from her 'lively' dream about her past.

31 December 2015

Habits to Change Life! My Life!

I am in a thinking mode these days. You wonder why! Because new year is approaching and everyone's so excited. I wonder what happens on the other side of new year parties and new year resolutions! Today, I was just thinking, what can change my life for better, in the new year, after all these celebrations end and everyone once again go to their everyday mode.

And this is what I came up with- habits can change my life!

30 December 2015

नया साल इसी तरह मनाते रहना होगा

नए साल का स्वागत करें इस तरह...

नए साल का स्वागत करें इस तरह, कोई साथी मिला पुराना जिस तरह |

भूल जाएँ पुरानी सब शिकायतें, मिल कर करें नई शुरुआतें |

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